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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


 i like to think of HOMEFROCKS  as “clothes with terroir”,
 not implying that every aspect of a piece is from
 santa fe ~ our fabrics come from farther afield ~
 but that each creation is informed by the
 history & landscape of the place i live.
 i am trying to create authentic pieces
that reflect my life experience & place in the world ~
the community, the weather & the sunlight,
pieces with quality & spirit ~ 
the clothes that i want to wear.

 something compels me to photograph
 our collections amidst remote & ruined places ~
 a path is always unfolding that i try to follow as
 faithfully as I can. pairing our clothing with
 tattered haciendas throughout the southwest & colonial mexico,
a sense of high desert history seems to have emerged.

~ nancy

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